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Lia’s got it figured out. She gets to ski for a living, lives with her best friend, has her pick of the hot men who waltz in and out of her mountain town, and come January she gets the highlight of her year: working with the Bonnefoy sisters.

Only this year, they won’t be there, relocated to the Swiss Alps due to a family emergency. Lia is offered no small consolation prize: VIP access to the best of the Sundance Film Festival, courtesy of the Bonnefoy parents, a boon which should be more than enough for her to lick her wounds and move on. Her favorite clients aren’t around, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun.

Until her best friend starts going off-book, playing matchmaker with a Hollywood-type that Lia tells herself she wants to avoid at all costs.

She’s a skier, not a fan. She knows her life. She loves it.

And she’s stubbornly holding on to every bit of it, willing it not to change.

Four Years 2
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It’d be poetic to say that Magda left Tucson and never looked back, but it wouldn’t be true.

While Seattle has its charms, it’s missing a few things, like good weather and her friends. And one friend in particular, who dropped off the planet as soon as the moving truck left town.

Back in Tucson for the first time in four years, Magda would love to hang out with those very friends. Instead, she’s stuck at her twin cousins’ quinceañera party, and on Valentine’s Day, no less. Surrounded by freshmen and her poison-tongued aunt, she decides to make the best of a bad situation and look for familiar faces to keep the boredom at bay. It’s an exercise in futility.

Magda decides that it’s pointless to keep looking—but she’s about to learn that the things we look for the hardest are often hidden in plain sight.

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Featured in the Mistletoe and Mischief Wattpad Anthology.

Marcus and Ada have seen each other every other Christmas since they were children.

A lot can happen in two years.

A lot can happen in one visit.

A Different Kind of Light cover, by Ara James. Designed by Ara James.
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Winner of the Wattpad Romance Prompt Short Contest.

Cassidy calls him Lincoln, though he’d prefer Jeremy. She spends the summer studying bats with him, though she’d prefer anything else. He thinks she’s beautiful, and she thinks she’s trapped.

The one thing they agree upon is that things are simpler in the dark. Friendships have been built on smaller things still.

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Honorable Mention in the Wattpad Romance “Those Blue Eyes” Contest

Eleanor is focused. Graduate school is cold, and lonely, but she’s there to get her PhD. To work on the research that she loves, and learn about the small ways the world works around her. She doesn’t have time for mistakes, and she doesn’t have time for distractions—especially not the one that comes in the shape of Luka, the program’s star researcher with the unflappable smile.

But this morning, Eleanor hasn’t got a choice. She’s made a horrible mistake, and she needs a distraction. She needs someone, anyone, to help her.

And Luka can do that.